South Bellevue Partners are proud to invest in Bellevue's award winning schools!

We have partnered with the Bellevue Schools Foundation to helpTransform Education & Support Every Bellevue School District Student!  The Bellevue Schools Foundation brings together parents, teachers, businesses, and community leaders committed to providing the best education possible for every child in Bellevue.


They raise funds to improve student learning through district-wide academic initiatives; curriculum material and book purchases; training opportunities for teachers; and an array of programs that meet students' unique needs.  The Foundation helps bridge the gap between the basic funding provided by the State of Washington and the support our students need in order to truly excel.

South Bellevue Partners recognizes that education is the key to a thriving, world class city like Bellevue!  For the third consecutive year we have commited to the Foundation at the Salutatorian level to ensure that our Great schools are the foundation of our community's future. For more information please visit: