Buyer Capital Program 

Increase your chances to beat out competing offers!

Learn how by watching this short 4 minute video:

Choose from 3 Buyer Capital programs:

1. Cash Offer: Many sellers would rather close quicker with a Cash Offer than wait for a financed one. 

  • After you get pre-approved with a loan officer, Windermere's Buyer Capital program will buy the home you want with thier cash.
  • As soon as you close, you move! When your loan comes through, you buy that same home directly from Windermere's Buyer Capital program at the same price!

2. Performance Guarantee: Sellers want certainty. This Performance Guarantee helps them feel instantly secure.

  • Your financed offer instantly receives preferential treatment from sellers when it’s backed up by our cash.
  • If your pre-approved loan is delayed, Buyer Capital will buy the house you want and resell it to you at the exact same price at a later date.

3. Buy First: Experience less stress with us and move into a new home before you sell your old one.

  • Buyer Capital will buy your new house with their cash on your behalf, after your financing is pre-approved.
  • You can move in right away, then purchase the home from Buyer Capital after you sell the home you’re in now.

Request More Information on the Buyer Capital program:

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